the Brand

LOVE CHANGE is focused on creating longevity by design. As a luxury label, we work towards creating garments that integrate sustainability, design aesthetic, wearability and quality. In this endeavor, we procure high quality fabrics that are produced in an organic and nourishing environment. A mélange of influences from art, architecture, craftsmanship, travel and global culture determine the nature and aesthetic of each design. Meticulous construction and an intuitive sense of comfort coupled with fine fabrics and clean-cuts enriched with subtle detailing; work at the core of the brand.

At LOVE CHANGE, we strive to embrace the only constant in the world—Change! Change symbolizes an ongoing process of evolution—an evolution of awareness. The awareness that every purchase choice made has an impact on the world. While awareness alone is not enough, it is the first step towards becoming involved—involved actively with a label that focuses on the interconnectedness of everything.