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The visual we experience when the word “Holi” is uttered.

Holi, while a playful and fun festival, is deeper than just smearing colours on each other. The spirit behind the festival is one of spiritual enlightenment—the realization and belief that underneath it all, every individual life form is a small, yet integral part of a larger system.

The Holi colours, created by artful and precise manipulations of a variety of natural herbs, spices and flowers are symbolic of the living world we perceive. The invisible hand that has crafted the world has created fantastic possibilities of life through a careful and deliberate mixing of cosmic and spiritual energies.

The festival of Holi is one of gay abandon—where people from all over are welcome to laugh, play and share in the festivities. The free and deliberate intermixing of energy through the free and deliberate intermixing of life is the essence of Holi.

Holi marks the onset of that joyous time of year where life is liberated from the cold, oppressive cover of winter—a time of joy, love and emancipation.

Nature expresses the onset of each spring with a vast outpouring of vitality and it is the vitality of life’s eternal and unending, although forever evolving source that directs each life form in tandem with the change in season. And, just as spring symbolizes a discarding of the old and worn out, LOVE CHANGE™ hope to symbolizes a discarding of the wasteful, archaic and selfish practices propagated by the fashion industry.

We, the team of LOVE CHANGE™ hope that this Holi symbolizes the ushering in of an era of responsible fashion and responsible consumption so that all life on earth can bask in a cheery and positive new season full of joy, positive change and most of all—LOVE!

Happy Holi! 

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