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Disposable nappies: The scourge of the Earth

Interesting things come your way when you look away from your focus for a while. While we went about our daily business-creating gorgeous dresses, being creative with left over materials and generally having a good time doing our share in helping save the world, something astonishing came our way, in the form of baby diapers, or more precisely, the volume of their daily usage, per cute baby!

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All told, ever since their invention in the late 1950’s, disposable baby diapers have added millions of tonnes of non-biodegradable waste to landfills, the oceans, our drinking water and food… who would’ve thought your own crap (your parents tossed a lot of it away, by the way, as did mine) would come back to haunt you, huh?

So, when we added a baby to our team (to clarify, someone on our team had a baby) we saw, first hand, not only the amount of work it is for new parents (wow!) but the number of diapers one baby needs-DAILY! In case you don’t have the experience yet, here is a number for you on a usual 8 hour working day-5! That’s 1.6 diapers per hour mom and dad put into a working day. That translates to 64 diapers a week, 256 diapers a month…not including diapers for the remaining 16 hours of the day. The math is simple, the number of diapers each baby has thrown away per year, globally, is…well…its exhausting!
Why not switch to organic diapers, bamboo diapers (cloth nappy’s are impossible to manage for any working parent) or any other efficient, eco-friendly “poop-maintenance” apparatus is a natural question, I would ask. The answer, believe me, is undeniably profound-FAMILY BUDGETING!!!! Budgeting takes on a whole new meaning once a baby is in the equation and this is where we found a huge disconnect between the desire to do right by the planet and having enough money to sustain the family.

Basic disposable name brand nappies cost as much as 75% less than organic, eco-friendly ones, especially since all the baby websites are jumping to provide you with massive discounts for bulk buy’s. And believe me, its really not practical to pay through the nose per poop. It becomes difficult for an average working parent to afford the eco-friendly diapers in the long run, and the system is geared to make it as hard as possible and why not, disposable diapers are a $65 billion a year industry!

So here we are, faced with another version of fast fashion vs slow fashion. Who knew, they would throw poop at us!


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