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The average life form lives through systems. Animals migrate, hibernate and procreate based on natural “laws” which are followed through instinct. Therefore, it is safe to imply that it is instinctive for humans, too, to follow set patterns in life. To follow the rules without question or reason is how the world survives and, arguably, thrives. The planet rotates and revolves, day after day. We KNOW, that the sun will rise, the moon will shine and the clouds will rain. This is all we know and this is all we wish to know. That is the natural order of everything. What we don’t see, or wish to acknowledge, is that this dynamic system is independent of the life forms that have come to treat it as the gospel of truth. It is a dynamic system that operates intrinsically for and of itself, alone, and has the ability to change when it sees fit, without consultation or regard for the creatures living and thriving on it.

The “survival of the fittest” theory defines the “fittest” as the most “adaptable”. Nature insists we constantly adapt to it and in our attempt to understand and assimilate this fact, we have tried and quite ingeniously  managed to create static rules for a dynamic system. The concept itself is a bit of an oxymoron, but we believe it works because we have harnessed the power of “predictability” and it is predictability, therefore, that is most valued in all the major governing systems we see around us. Being unpredictable, while exciting and intriguing, is not a favored quality in any system—human or mechanical. The essential unpredictable nature of change, therefore, makes it an uncomfortable concept.

Change, therefore, is not always good—not immediately, anyway.

Change, when un-tempered with purpose, can be devastating. This is another truth we are all instinctively aware of—through history—personal and acquired. This is one of the primary reasons why, instinctively, most people are averse to change—not because we lack purpose, but because us ordinary folk have been convinced that purpose is an esoteric concept and is hard to articulate—to both others and ourselves. At best, we can describe our aim and hope our described “aim” is in the same zone as the purpose we feel.

It is because of this that we find comfort in order. An orderly life, lived within the external framework of job, payday and consumption allows us to gain the various advantages our civilization has to offer us. However, this routine is empty. Life demands more.

As conscious beings, our daily routine needs to follow conscious thoughts and actions and it is because of this consciousness that any change we wish to make is inherently based out of purpose—a purpose to adapt and perhaps, to improve.

This, too, is the purpose of LOVE CHANGE™.

Our name signifies our inherent desire to improve not only our daily experience but ourselves as well. As a company based out of a developing nation, we have had the painful opportunity to witness, first hand, the utter devastation unbridled and un-tempered change can impose to our surroundings and our environment. Our country has witnessed a “consumerism explosion” over the past two decades. To top this sad fact and to feed our growing economy and acquired consumerist behavior, we have begun to compete with our neighbors and are trying to become a production hub for the world. All this has come at a grave cost to our environment. Our cities are polluted beyond measure, our rivers, once the lifelines of our great and rich culture, have been reduced to drains. Our forests are being leveled to meet our land requirements for the non-stop cultivation of cash crops that are spun faster and faster into industrial fabrics which are then dyed using poisonous chemicals which are harmful to the wearer and continue to cause pollution throughout their life-time, which, due to fast fashion, is extremely short lived in a wardrobe. This situation is an undeniable example of change lacking conscious purpose. Change for the purpose of change is an expression of discontentment with what you have or perhaps just of boredom. To love change for the sake of change alone is incomplete. Change, in itself, cannot have value—neither personal nor cultural.

Change gains value when it is the result of the pursuit of a purpose and the pursuit driving the purpose of LOVE CHANGE™ is creating timeless and enduring designs for the conscious wearer. Each design is intended to become an heirloom—to be preserved with care and love. Our fabrics are robust and low maintenance. They are built to last and are designed so that the wearer can maintain them with ease. Our purpose is to remind the world that great looking clothes are great not only because of the way they look and feel, but also because of their inherent longevity. For full disclosure, we must admit, each garment you purchase will last a you a very long time, so be patient with it—or not. Either way, our clothes are here to stay in your wardrobe and your memory as a reminder that great things do come at a cost, but that cost does not need to be detrimental to the environment.

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