Behind the Brand


LoveChange™ prides itself in working with organic, ethically sourced, and exotic hand-woven fabrics dyed using natural-herbal dyes. Our transparent supply chain ethos ensures that sustainability and eco-consciousness are interwoven into the sourcing, design and development of each hand-made piece.
By staying involved in the sourcing of all our materials, we also enjoy, as often as possible, direct interaction with the hand weavers and handcrafters who create our fabrics. The hand-woven fabrics are woven in Indian villages on traditional handlooms by traditional Indian artisans, who are employed by like-minded business partners that adhere to our values of fair pay, clean and safe working conditions and ethical employment.

Our tailoring partners comprise primarily of small family units mostly set up in their own homes or small family-owned tailoring shops close to where they live. These teams work on their own time, in a comfortable and sustainable system that they have followed for generations. We at LoveChange™ promote these families so that neither are they forced to look for work away from their homes nor are they compelled to migrate to large cities with abysmal working conditions. We pride ourselves in creating opportunities for families to stay together as they earn their livelihood with pride and dignity.



We believe in action backed by accountability and ethics, and value addition through traceability and transparency- so we have introduced QR codes unique to each product-for the conscious consumer to trace the supply chain and know more about where that pretty dress came from.

Our fabrics are certified organic and we dye them using natural herbal dyes.


Sustainable luxury, at first glance, appears to be a contradiction. As consumers, we have been programmed to think of luxury in terms of excess. We at LoveChange™ have uncovered a deeper, older meaning to luxury. Luxury encompasses quality, endurance, authenticity and creativity. Luxury, in its truest form is a derivative of sustainability. A luxury product does not go out of style, lasts generations, adds value to everyone who contributed to it and is exclusive in its creativity and design.

Sustainable luxury is about value addition. High quality products are not the only goal of Sustainable luxury. Sustainable luxury is about developing a general consumer conscience. It is found in every decision from where we source our raw materials to how we treat our production partners and how we treat our wastage. Sustainable luxury is about creating a product that the consumer can feel better about buying—because purchasing a sustainable luxury product makes the conscious consumer a part of a social and environmental initiative where each purchase choice matters. Sustainable luxury, at the heart of it is about awareness—an awareness of the interconnectedness of everything.

Our products are not scarce, but an abundance of supply is not what you will ever find with LoveChange™ . Our sourcing, design and production methodology simply cannot match the existing demand, unless we begin to reduce our standards—something we simply refuse to do! Each step that leads to a final product is necessary to ensure the enduring quality of every one of our products. This naturally restricts our production capacities, which we continue to increase while strictly adhering to the quality and ethos on which LoveChange™ was founded.


Sustainable clothing and slow fashion are our key concepts when designing our collections. Our team’s focus is to create pieces that resonate with the conscious consumer. The genius of our design team is its ability to maintain a sense of the slowly evolving fashion trends that determine the fashion waves of a decade, not a season! Sustainable luxury and its close cousin—sustainable fashion is born out of sustainable design and sustainable style. Our sustainable clothing line is designed to mold to your body as it changes over time. Contrary to fast fashion trends with a “use and throw” approach, the clothes we make mature with you, as you go along living your life—that is the ideal behind LoveChange™ as well as the key to a sustainable wardrobe full of sustainable clothing articles for our eco-conscious clients.

Sustainable clothing also requires longevity. While design longevity requires our design aesthetic to be highly tuned into deep fashion currents, product longevity requires a more physical approach—one we have developed over years of product durability testing. Durability is built into each garment through every hand stitch, every chemical free and natural-herbal dye and every hand-woven string of fabric. Our thorough and extensive quality control program ensures that each piece is sustainable, long lasting and tough—while maintaining all the elegance, charm and comfort of a luxury fabric.

We source handpicked yarns woven into fabric by experienced artisans on handlooms in a transparent, sustainable and ethical supply-chain. This process, although slow, time-consuming and expensive, allows us to maintain our quality while reducing our waste to near zero—allowing us to live up to our tag line—sustainable luxury!


Organic, ethically sourced, natural-herbal dyed home and bath linen collection by LoveChange™. Woven at the homes of weavers on handlooms using traditional, sustainable practices, our organic, handloom produced home and bath linens are eco-friendly, luxury fabrics which are durable and tough yet soft, comfortable and skin-safe. Every piece is an experience of pure luxury and a statement about the conscious consumer. Our home linen collection, made from organic fabrics is put through a rigorous quality and durability test before it is made available to our conscious consumer. These pieces are designed for longevity and can endure the rough and tumble of daily use. They do not require any specific wash-care and are tested for wear and tear using washing machines and clothes dryers.


Ethically sourced, comfortable, natural and organic fabrics—hand spun and hand-woven. Organic, sustainable clothing for the most sensitive skin-types. We use only chemical free, natural-herbal dyes, which are baby-safe, skin-safe and good for the planet. Our beautifully crafted, skin-safe, chemical-free clothes are ideal for mom’s to be, newborns, babies and mothers. Our organic clothing line is designed for durability, style and comfort. The design team has paid extra attention to the constantly changing nature of a woman’s body and her baby during this beautiful, yet challenging time. As you begin to wear your designer LoveChange™ clothes, you will soon realise that they work with and around your body to provide maximum comfort and flexibility.



Our newborn, baby and children’s collection has been made with each phase of the child’s growth in mind. The organic, eco-friendly fabrics are treated with skin-safe and baby-safe organic, natural-herbal dyes making our garments genuine, 100% organic clothing. Organic clothing is ideal for young, sensitive skin. The clothes our children wear interact with their skin 24 hours a day, allowing everything that goes into making the clothes to be absorbed by the skin and the body. Our organic clothing collection ensures no harmful chemicals come in contact with your baby’s skin, keeping their tiny, sensitive bodies healthy, fresh and comfortable all the time. LoveChange™ ensures you will find safety, durability and comfort in everything you put on your little one—from day one!



Indigenous people are the source of all modern cultures. Their traditional handwork, design aesthetic and sustainable methodology of slow production are the forebears of all art, design, materials, and sourcing techniques we use today.
At LoveChange™, we work with traditional Adivasi tribes of India to create exquisite and unique semi-precious jewellery that upholds our ethos of slow fashion and sustainable design.


Our latest contribution towards circularity and sustainability is our 'Remake' programme. We transform existing garments and unsold stock or materials into new and updated pieces. It is a practice that promotes creativity and sustainability while reducing waste within the fashion industry. Remaking involves altering, repurposing, or upcycling clothing items to give them a fresh look or a new purpose.



Dhirta is the creative director, founder and head designer for LoveChange™ and while the many roles she has to essay are a challenging task, her inherent abilities of leading by example and creative thinking—combined with her determination to contribute both towards conscious-capitalism and conscious consumerism have resulted in the success of the brand.Born and raised in New Delhi, she is a self-taught and self-assured independent woman who is focused on creating a sustainable-luxury brand which encompasses everything from clothing to home décor.